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<X> = X Button
<C> = Circle Button
<S> = Square Button
<T> = Triangle Button

Setting Up Your Console
Agent Controls
Mission Background
Starting the Game
Memory Card
Game Screen
Agent Moves
Targeting Modes and Using Weapons
Weapons and Pick-Ups
Mission Guidelines
Pause Menu / ACD Display

Setting Up Your Console
Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in
its Instruction Manual. Make sure the power is off before inserting
or removing a compact disc. Insert the Syphon Filter disc and close
the CD door. Insert the game controllers and turn on the PlayStation
game console. Follow the on-screen instructions at the Title Screen
to begin.

Agent Controls
The following button controls are the default configuration. You can
adjust your controls at the Options Menu (see pg. 20).

DIRECTIONAL BUTTON/S: Controls Gabe's directional movement and the
aiming cursor when in manual aim mode.

<X> BUTTON: A three-in-one button.

1) When standing still, Gabe kneels for better accuracy or hides
behind objects.

2) When in motion, Gabe crouch-walks in order to sneak past or up on

3) When used near an edge, Gabe lowers himself down.

<S> BUTTON: Fires the currently selected weapon.

<C> BUTTON: Makes Gabe roll. When Gabe is fired upon, rolling
reduces his chances of being hit.

<T> BUTTON: A four-in-one button.

1) Climbs scalable terrain.

2) Interacts with useable objects (doors, computers, switches, etc.).

3) Reloads currently selected weapon (when Gabe is not standing next
to interactive terrain or objects).

4) Contacts Lian Xing via the Advanced Communication Device (ACD)
when prompted by text.

START BUTTON: Brings up the Pause Menu/ACD, allowing you to review
crucial information pertaining to the current mission.

SELECT BUTTON: Highlights Gabe's weapon inventory. Tapping SELECT
allows you to cycle through your current stockpile,
and holding SELECT down while pressing R2 or L2 allows
you to scroll through and highlight any of the
weapons. Release the buttons to select a highlighted

R1 BUTTON: Establishes a target lock on the nearest targetable enemy.
Tapping R1 cycles through targetable enemies.

L1 BUTTON: Calls up a targeting cursor for accurate aiming.

R2 BUTTON: Strafe right. Allows Gabe to move directly to the right
while aiming forward. In sniper mode, R2 allows Gabe to
peek around corners.

L2 BUTTON: Strafe left. Allows Gabe to move directly to the left
while aiming forward. In sniper mode, L2 allows Gabe to
peek around corners.

Analog Controls:
L3 LEFT STICK: Replicates the directional button/s.

R3 RIGHT STICK: Can be used with L1 in targeting mode.

Mission Background
Deep in the heart of Central America, an American special agent falls
dead to the moist earth. Nearby, a secret jungle laboratory erupts
into flames. Recovered evidence indicates that someone is creating a
powerful biological weapon. Days later, special agents Gabe Logan and
his partner Lian Xing discover the gruesome remains of victims
littering the contaminated landscape of a Nepal village.
Agency intelligence connects these events to terrorist Erich Rhoemer
and his skilled team who are orchestrating a plan to unleash the
deadly Syphon Filter virus on the U.S. The ruthless terrorists plant
explosive traps, capture hostages and hide viral bombs throughout
Washington D.C. In response, the Agency sends in Gabe Logan, their
best covert operative, to eliminate the terrorists one by one and save
the U.S. from certain death. He is assisted by teams from the U.S.
Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command (CBDC), and Lian Xing,
who stays in close contact with Gabe throughout his missions.

The fate of millions relies on the skill of one special agent.

Starting the Game
At the Title Screen, you can choose NEW GAME or LOAD GAME, or launch
the TRAINING VIDEO. To start a new game, press the <X> button to
select NEW GAME and launch the intro movie. Note: LOAD GAME will
only appear if you have previously saved a game to a MEMORY CARD and
have the card inserted into MEMORY CARD Slot 1. Press the directional
button/s to highlight LOAD GAME and the <X> button to select and
resume play of your saved game.

Memory Card
You must insert a MEMORY CARD in order to save or load a file. Do not
remove or insert a MEMORY CARD while saving is in progress or damage
may result. One block of memory must be available on the MEMORY CARD
in order to save Syphon Filter data. If you don't have a MEMORY CARD,
all game data will be lost after turning off your PlayStation game
console. To save data, make sure a MEMORY CARD is inserted into
MEMORY CARD Slot 1 before you begin play. You can only save at the
end of each level. After you complete a level, the screen prompts you
to save the game. To load a saved game, access this option from the
Title Screen.

Game Screen
The game screen consists of several elements:

ARMOR/HEALTH: Indicates the amount of Armor you have remaining. Your
Armor depletes before your Health. When your Health runs out, the
game is over. Although you cannot replenish your Health, you can
replenish your Armor by picking up flak jackets from dead enemies or
weapon boxes.

DANGER METER: Indicates your likelihood of being hit. When your
Danger Meter is completely filled, it and your Radar's Enemy Indicator
Cone begin to flash. Evasive maneuvers like rolling or hiding behind
obstacles decrease your likelihood of being hit in dangerous
situations. When you are no longer in danger, the Danger Meter
returns to normal.

TARGET METER: Indicates when you have an enemy in target range.
Press L1 to bring up targeting crosshairs for more accurate aiming.
When your Target Meter is completely filled, you have a 100% chance of
hitting the targeted enemy. When there is no target available, the
Target Meter does not appear.

RADAR: Indicates the location of all detected enemies relative to
your position and includes a compass for easier navigation. The Enemy
Indicator Cone flashes red when an enemy has you in sight and is
likely to hit you.

WEAPON and NUMBER OF ROUNDS: Indicates the currently selected weapon
and remaining number of rounds for that weapon. Hold the SELECT
button to bring up a scroll bar and press L2 or R2 to scroll through
weapons from your inventory.

Agent Moves
Gabe has a range of movements to help him maneuver through both rapid
fire shoot-outs and stealthy one-on-one attacks. Though the type of
gameplay varies by mission, each requires split-second decision
making. To fully prepare yourself for the fast action ahead,
familiarize yourself with all of Gabe's movements detailed below.

Running: Press the directional button/s Up to make Gabe run. While
he's running, use the directional button/s Right or Left to execute a
sharp turn. Try using the strafe buttons R2 and L2 for greater

Waiting Crouch: Gabe's walking crouch allows him to sneak up on
enemies and safely navigate narrow areas. While Gabe is in motion,
press the <X> button to slow to a walking crouch.

Kneeling: Kneeling gives Gabe greater stability while he's aiming and
thus increases his chances of hitting an enemy. Gabe's kneel also
allows him to reduce his height so he can hide behind objects and
avoid enemy detection. To drop to a kneel, press the <X> button.

Pull Up: In general, Gabe needs to hoist himself up onto anything 4
feet high, including crates, brick walls and fire escapes. To pull
Gabe up onto an object, stand next to it and press the <T> button.
When he's clinging, press the directional button/s Up to finish the
move or Down to release his grip.

Hand-Over-Hand: Gabe's hand-over-hand move is necessary to cross
rails and ledges set high above the ground. Press the <T> button to
jump up and grab a rail, then move across it by pressing the
directional button/s Right or Left or L2 or R2. Gabe can shoot while
he's moving hand-over-hand across a rail; he'll hang from one hand and
use the other to fire his weapon.

Note: Gabe can't reload or change weapons while performing this move.

Rolling: Directional rolls function as Gabe's first line of defense
when an enemy has him targeted. Gabe can roll from a crouch or a full
run. Press the <C> button to roll and the directional button/s or L2
and R2 to direct your roll left and right if you hold down <X> during
a roll, you'll come out of the roll directly into a kneel so you're
immediately on the offensive.

Strafing: Strafing allows Gabe to run in a straight line left or
right while shooting. This move is particularly useful when Gabe is
under intense fire from several enemies at once. Use L2 to strafe
left, R2 to strafe right and the <S> button to fire. In sniper and
manual aim modes, the L2 and R2 buttons enable Gabe to peek left and
right (see Targeting Modes below).

Throwing: Press the <S> button to throw a grenade when Gabe has one
in hand. The longer you hold the <S> button the greater the arc of
the thrown grenade.

180 Degree Turn: Tap the directional button/s down once or tap L3
downward once.