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Agency Directive :
Our FBI informant has pinpointed the terrorist viral attack in the DC subway
system. Our contacts within US Defense and Interpol confiorm the identities of
the terrorists. We will drop you in after CBDC (US Army Chemical and Biological
Defense Command) Operations begin.
Your targets are Rhoemer, Kravitch, Aramov, and Girdeux. SATCOM has intercepted
coded Microwave Traffic. Rhoemer must have an uplink station in the area. Assist
CBDC if needed. Avoid collateral casualties if possible. Check your objectives
onsite for more information.

NOTE : This is your first level. Use this level to get used with the controls.

You will start with a police car burning in front of you and an CBDC officer
(man with yellow suit) running to the right (north). Instead of going to the
car, go to the alley to your right (to the north). Ignore the bar and the subway
entrance on the map for the time being (you will go there eventually, but not

On the end of the alley, be careful. There are 2 terorrists on the roof of the
building. Shoot them, and grab the 2 M-16 that they left behind. Make your way
to the Vacant Bank on the lower right side of the map (northeast). There are 2
terrorists in front of the Bank, one is equipped with 9mm and the other with M-
16. After you defeated those 2 guys, grab the ammo they left behind and enter
the building. There is a box with flak jacket in front of the door. Enter the
building further and you will get a call from Lian Xing. She asks you to protect
CBDC bomb squad in the building. Proceed further in the building to find him
(and try to rescue him, off course ^_^). There are 5 men equipped with 9 mm.
Kill them all (don't use your tazer here, because it's too slow) and Lian Xing
will tell you : ALL CLEAR, GABE. (#1st CHECKPOINT)

Go further to the little room on the left side of the vacant bank. Get a M-16
bullets in the box. Proceed further into the dark room. Use your flashlight to
find a box with grenades inside. After getting those grenades, proceed to the
entrance of the Vacant Building. When you reach the place where you found the
Flak Jacket, the window will be broken and there will be 3 enemies (with 9mm)
shooting at you from the roof of the building in front of the bank. Use your
tazer (Man, this Tazer is very handy ^_^). Proceed back to the alley where you
came WITH CAUTION !! There are 6 terrorists on the roof of the building in the
alley, all equipped with M-16. To kill them or not, it's up to you. Proceed
through the alley to your starting point, then go to the street in front of the
bar and the subway station. There will be some enemies on this place, all
equipped with 9mm and they keep coming from the wall. If you haven't maxed out
your 9mm pistol, then kill them with tazer. Proceed to the subway entrance and
go downstairs. Use your flashlight to see in the dark. There's a box of flak
jacket in there. Go towards the door to see that the subway gate is locked.
Press Triangle to call Lian Xing and she will tell you what to do - new
objective : turn off power to terminal. Go back upstairs and enter the bar - you
can shoot the entrance door or just run to the glass.

Go inside the bar until you reach a room blocked by a box to your left. Sneak
and kill the enemy with M-16, then climb the box. Shoot the window, and climb
thru the window. There's a gate with 'No Trespassing' sign nearby and a black
box in front of it. Climb on the black box and face west. Press triangle and you
will hang on the bridge above you. Go to the other side of the bridge and press
triangle under the iron pole to hang on the iron pole. Move to the left to the
bridge on the other side. There will be 2 enemies with 9mm appear when you're
hanging, but keep going left. Taser them. Then get a box on the bridge - it's M-
79 Grenade Launcher (a very powerful weapon). Go back down to the front of the
gate. The gate's door is locked. Shoot the lock - if you find it hard to shoot,
use L1 button to aim your shot to the lock. Enter the gate and go to the
elevator call switch on the left of the elevator hole. Push Triangle to call the
elevator, step on the elevator, then press triangle again to go downstairs. Lian
Xing will contact you again. After that, use your flashlight to find the power
switch. Activate it by pressing Triangle. (#2nd CHECKPOINT).

By activating that switch, the gate to the subway is now opened. But don't go
there yet - instead, complete your other objective : eliminate Kravitch and
destroy comm array. Go back to the elevator and go back upstair. An enemy will
appear and shot you with his M-16. Go back to the window where you came from.
Another enemy with M-16 waits for you from the other side of the box. Look at
your map and go to the Kravitz place - Lian Xing will call you again, telling
that you're near. Approach to Kravitch room and shoot Kravitch. One thing that
you should know is that Kravitch wears a flak jacket so you cannot hurt him by
using tazer. Use your M-16 to kill him fast. Go behind the desk where Kravitch
was to find a box with shotgun. After you kill Kravitch, 3 men will appear - one
with 9 mm and the 2 other with M-16. Before you leave the room, don't forget to
shoot the Comm array - it looks like a computer on the corner of the room. (#3rd

Go back to the front of the bar towards the 'now opened' subway entrance. 4
enemies with 9 mm will show up again. Proceed downstairs and go through the
opened subway terminal security door. While going through the door, Lian Xing
will call you and give you new objective : tag bomb in terminal. Go downstairs
to the door, and watch out - 5 or 6 persons will attack you with M-16. After
that, go across the left subway track to reach the bomb place - watch out for
the train. Approach the bomb, and tag it by using triangle button (#4th

Now the last mission is to eliminate Rhoemer. From your conversation with Lian
Xing you know that Rhoemer is on LV B2. Instead of going to the end of the LVB1
(towards the stairs), go to the tunnel on the leftmost of the map. So go across
two tracks, and find the door to the tunnel and go through there. You will face
4 person surrounding you, but don't worry because there's a box of flak jacket
nearby. Proceed and climb the platform. Climb down the platform and use your
flashlight. Press the elevator call switch to call the elevator by using
Triangle button. Hop on the elevator and press triangle to use it. In the lower
level, Lian Xing will call you and give you Rhoemer's position. A guard with
shotgun is guarding the way to the lower level terminal, so sneak and taser him
from behind. Approach the location on the map by crossing the subway track and
go to the 'blinking spot' on the map. Use your sneaking mode because all enemies
are equipped with shotguns. Beware of the last enemy near the bomb because he
wears a flak jacket. Head-shot should finish him. Approach the bomb and ........


Incoming from Benton :
You're lucky to be alive. Ten square blocks of downtown D.C. just sank 20 feet
into the ground. It looks like Rhoemer had the entire subway wired to explode as
part of his escape plan.
It's likely you've cut his time table short, and that he's still down there with
you. Aramov and Girdeux also remain unaccounted for. Don't let Rhoemer escape
that terminal. And be aware that you're now completely cut off from all

Note : Stage 2 is actually a short stage, but this stage will make you
frustrated... VERY FRUSTRATED (I just going round and round for more than 1.5
hour just looking for the way out). The main purpose of this stage is to get out
from the lower level of the subway's terminal, and the stage emphasizes on the
pathfinding. I will guide you through the map. Look that the map doesn't have
any direction like the first stage map, so I will call upper part of the map =
north, left = west, right = east, and lower part = south....OK ??

Go along the path to the south from where you start. You will find a box with
flak jacket inside. Then cross the subway track to the east. After going up to
the terminal again, go to the north. Beware of a burning enemy soldier come
towards you - you cannot shoot him down, just move backward to avoid him and
then wait until the fire stop burning. Then walk to the north, then to the east.
There are 2 enemies with M-16. Cross the railroad track to the east, then climb
the passanger car train. Walk on top of the train to the south and Lian Xing
will call you to help the CBDC officer. Jump down from the train roof and then
shoot two enemies with M-16 rifle. There's an annoying enemy who will lob a
grenade towards you. He wears a flak jacket, too, which makes him super annoying
^_^. Remember that one explosion will kill you, so stay away from his grenade
and shoot him with your M-16. Then use your flashlight on the railtrack - you
will see a box with a C4 explosive inside ( #1st CHECKPOINT )

When you pick up the explosive, an enemy will shoot you from a ledge above the
burning train. Remember this 'most important' ledge - this ledge is the ledge
that will take you to the upper level of subway's terminal. So after taking the
C4 explosives, go to the place where the grenade lobber stands then go south.
You will come to a place where there's a red box surrounded by burning trains on
the left and on the right. Climb the red box, then face east. Press Triangle and
you will climb to the ledge where the enemy shot you before. Go across the
'Danger' letter, then face west. Press Triangle again to pull yourself up. Face
east again and press triangle and up button to go to the ledge. Walk to the
north and press triangle to hang on the pipe. Press Right to move Gabriel to the
right until the pipe ends. Press Down to go to the ledge under him and...... You
succeeded to go to the upper level ....FIUUHH (and that takes me more than 1.5
hours ^_^).

After that, go to the north to reach the place where the map shows you to. On
the way there, Lian Xing will call you. Go north again to see a bomb on the
track on the right (east) side. Ignore the bomb cause you cannot do anything to
that bomb. Go to the place where the map asked you to, and you'll come to a
blocked passage. Use the C4 explosives on the blocked passage, then move out of
the way. The bomb will explode, and the passageway will open. The CBDC officer
will come to get the bomb. Go along with him and Lian Xing will asks you to
protect this person. Two enemies with M-16 will come from the south and one
enemy with M-16 will come from the north. Kill them to protect the CBDC officer,
and ....(#2nd CHECKPOINT)

Check the map to see where Rhoemer is, then try to go following her path. When
you approach the path, Gabriel will call Lian Xing, telling that the path is
blocked by fire from the ruptured pipe. She will tell Gabriel to find and shut
the gas mains. Go south past the bomb's place and then go to the west. Cross the
railroad. Use your flashlight, then go south again. You will reach a pole with a
picture of a gas - it's the gas mains. Use triangle button to shut it. Go back
to the place where Rhoemer went. Since the gas is closed, there's no fire
blocking the path. Climb the box near the passanger car, and then climb the
train. Go to the north and Lian Xing will contact you again. After that, jump
down the train. Move north cautiously, and you will see a burning enemy is
running towards you. Face back by tapping Down, Down on the controller pad, then
run towards the train again. There's an enemy on the train, so you have to shoot
him, then move aside so the burning enemy does not hit you. Wait until the fire
is out, then go north again to another train. Approach this train, but don't
climb on the box yet. Instead move back and you will see that there's an enemy
with M-16 waiting for you on the top of the train. Shoot him, then climb the
train. Go north, jump down the train, and ......


Incoming from Benton :
Logan, Intel indicates Rhoemer has fled the scene. Jenkins is meeting heavy
resistance in the Washington Park Area and OCPD reports fifteen officers down.
We fear an agency leak has given his position away.
Mara Aranov's identity has been confirmed by interpol. Do not let her escape.
Caution : FEMA is using the east bound tracks to shuttle emergency personnel. Do
not use explosives of any kind in the tunnel or you will cause a derailment.

NOTE : This is the first boss level. You have to time your 'line changing' with
the train. Messed up and you'll be struck by the train.

Your mission is to stop Mara Aramov. She is running on the railway track. There
are 2 railway track, and she will keep changing tracks because of the trains.
Chase her. Use your shotgun or M-16 to shoot her. There will be enemies waiting
for your on the junction of the track. Use roll to avoid enemies' fire. One
thing that you should know is that you CAN roll underneath the blue iron between
the two track. After some time, you will get really close to her. Shoot as much
as you can to defeat her. Oh yeah.... she wears a flak jacket, so you cannot
hurt her with your taser. For easy winning, shoot her in the head.


Incoming from Benton :
Mission Redirect : CDBC has requested direct intervention and assistance. Your
new orders are to locate viral bombs, plant homing beacons, wait for the arrival
of CBDC, and provide covering fire. The bombs are set to detonate within the
Terrorists resistance is heavy. Agency intel reports that Anton Girdeux is
leading the park operation. Exercise caution. We have lost all communication
from Jenkins' Team.

NOTE : This is one of the coolest level in this game. A very big place, lots of
enemies, and dark environment. Perfect to hone your skill on headshot.

You start on a foggy and rainy night in Washington Park. Look above your radar
on the lower left of the screen - there's a time counter - you have to disarm
the 4 viral bombs in 20 minutes. There will be other missions given on the way
to disarm the bombs, but make this objective (disarm 4 bombs) as the priority
cause the timer will stop once you disarm all the bombs. As the area on this
stage are big, look at the map frequently.

On the first area, you will find 2 enemies. One is running around with shotgun,
and the other one is standing on the wall with nightvision rifle. Just as you
enter the gate, you will find an enemy heading towards you from the left with
.45 gun. There are 4 square things on this area. The lower right contains a box
with flak jacket and the upper left contains a bomb. The bomb looks like a grey
square thing in your radar. Approach the bomb and press triangle to call the
CBDC officer. The CBDC officer will come and try to disarm it. Protect him while
he's disarming the bomb - failure in doing this will end the mission. 3 persons
with .45 will come and try to shoot him. Kill them and collect the .45 bullets
that they left. (#1st CHECKPOINT)

Go to the north to reach the statue. On your way there you will get a call from
Lian Xing, telling that there is a hostage situation on the tennis court - new
objectives. Ignore this for now and go behind the statue. The second bomb is
there. Tag the bomb, and the CBDC officer will come. Protect him - 6 men with
.45 will come to kill him. Use your .45 to kill them because all of the enemies
are carrying this weapon - you can get the bullets easily. Furthermore, .45 is a
powerful weapon. Collect their weapons. (#2nd CHECKPOINT)

There are 2 paths here : one leading to the left, and one leading to the right
(tennis court). Take the one to the left. After reaching an alley, you will come
to a square place with 4 bench in the middle. 3 men will appear and attack you -
2 men with shotgun, and 1 men with .45. There's a flak jacket here on the north
side of the wall. Proceed north to receive a call from Lian Xing - new objective
: to find the sattelite comm.

Proceed to the north end of the left branch. There're enemies here, but ignore
them and go straight to the north. Most enemies carries : shotgun, nightvision
rifle, and .45. There are 2 small buildings in this area. The bomb is on the
south building. Tag the bomb and cover the CBDC officer. There will be 7 men
trying to kill him, all equipped with .45. Protect this person at all costs.
(#3rd CHECKPOINT). There is a box with M-16 on the roof of the northern small

Go back to the statue again, and this time take the right path towards the
tennis court. On the square area (where there're 4 benches), 4 enemies with
shotgun will attack you. Just defeat them and go straight towards the tennis
court. Follow the path, and you will reach the last bomb in the path. Tag it and
a CBDC officer will come to disarm it. 7 persons with .45 will come to kill him.

Now proceed to the tennis court. On your way to the tennis court (before the
alley) you will find a box with a flak jacket in it. Proceed through the alley
cautiously - 5 men will appear from the wall above to attack you with
nightvision rifle and shotgun rifle. Proceed to the tennis court. There're 2
hostages in the tennis court, and 2 terrorists. One is near the hostages, and
the other one is walking around. From outside the cage, use your taser to kill
the guard who is walking around. Sneak towards the door (not entering the door
!!) and when you see the terrorist from the distance, equip your night vision
rifle. Take your time to zoom in and aim for the terrorist's head (I really like
this part). Aim carefully, and....boom - One Shot One Kill. (#5 CHECKPOINT).

Inside the tennis court, loot the bodies for shotgun shells and .45 bullets.
There's another terrorist walking around in the tennis court. Shoot him to get a
shotgun shell. Leave the tennis court and proceed to the square area on the
south of the Hedge Maze. Approach this site and Lian Xing will tell you that the
comm array is near. 2 persons, each equipped with shotgun and nightvision rifle
are near the structure. Circling the structure, you will find 2 persons with
shotgun and night vision rifle again - for the total of 4. The comm array is on
the top (roof) of this structure. Climb the structure to find the Comm Array -
do not shoot it like on the first mission. Instead, approach it and press
Triangle button (#6th CHECKPOINT) . Lian Xing will tell you the position of the
Trigger Man Marcos - new objective. He's in the Hedge Maze. One thing that you
should know about Marcos : He wears a flak jacket. So snipe him if you can.

This is the part I like. First, shoot all the lamps with sniper rifle/taser. The
maze will be dark, so the enemy can't see you unless he's close enough. Sneak
into the maze, point your night vision on your enemy's head, and...BOOM -
STRIKE. If you're good enough, you can kill Marcos by sniping him on his head.
By doing that, you can save lots of bullets, life, and get a flak jacket from
him. (#7th CHECKPOINT)

After that, go towards the Freedom Memorial. As you know, there are 4 enemies
equipped with shotguns and flak jackets. Like in the maze, shoot all the lamps
from the distance. Then sneak cautiously. If the enemy sees you, run back. You
should know that NightVision rifle has better range than shotgun. So make some
distance, and shoot the enemy in the head. Even though the enemies can see you,
the shotgun cannot reach you ...... After all 4 persons are killed, proceed into
Freedom Memorial.


Forwarded from Agency Intel :
Spysat has completed a detailed analysis of Girdeux's Body Armor; It is
impervious to all conventional weapons. Our armor specialists are working on it,
but your agent may have to improvise to find a weak point.
Our demolition expert has noted that the use of any explosive device will
trigger the Viral bomb.

NOTE : This is the second boss level. Looks really-really cool (don't get much
of these in any other games).

This is one of the coolest boss level I've ever seen in any other games !! Anton
wears full body armor and equips a flamethrower. Once the flame hits you, you're
toasted. To make things worse, Lian Xing does not tell you where the weak point
is !! Yikeess ......
Playing for more than half an hour, trying to figure out how to defeat this
boss. And indeed, practice makes perfect !!
There are things that you should know when fighting this guy :
1. He always aim his target when he fires his flamethrower. So whenever he fires
it, do the plan B : RUN.
2. He needs to get a clear shot before he fires his flamethrower. He will not
shoot if he can't see you or if there's an obstactle between you and him, such
as : pillars and statue.
3. He needs an 'undisturbed' few seconds to aim. So if you are seen by him then
you're not for a split second and appears again in front of him, he will not
shoot you because the 'few seconds' is reset.
4. Since there's a weak point, you should have guessed that you MUST use the aim
shot (using L1 button).
5. The enemy requires a few shot before he died. Unlike you who will die with
just one shot.
6. The fire that he shot will stay on the place until you or he died.

Now, for the big question : Where should I shoot him ?? Where is his weak point
?? (Come on ...You should have guessed it).
............The weak point is : the big flamethrower cannister behind him.
This is how to defeat him :
1. Lure him near one of the pillars by standing still behind the pillar. You
have to position yourself so Girdeux cannot see you, and you cannot see him -
the pillar is between you and him.
Closer is better because you can aim much easier and faster.
2. Use strafe button (L2 or R2). Then use aim button (L1). Just remember that
Girdeux has a good reaction, so there's a posibility that he will face you
immediately when you come out from your hideout even though you're on his back
when you strafe. Aim to the cannister behind his body (or if he faces you, aim
to the canister - slightly over his left shoulder) and shoot. If you cannot aim
the shot to his cannister in a short time, just strafe back behind the pillar -
he will not shoot you even though he saw you before (look rule #3). Go circling
around the pillar and repeat.
3. If something goes wrong on the timing and he manages to fire the
flamethrower, just run behind another pillar with a hope that he misses his shot
and repeat the tactic on this new pillar.


Incoming from Markinson :
I've approved your request for access to the FBI files on Jonathan Phagan. I
think your suspicious maybe correct. The PHARCOM reception maybe a cover for a
meeting between Phagan and Rhoemer. Follow Phagan closely.
Obviously, you must not be seen or captured. You are authorized to eliminate any
of Phagan's security, but use silenced weapons only. Once you're observed the
meeting, use whatever means necessary to capture Phagan alive. Officially, the
agency knows nothing about this.

NOTE : This is your first stealth mission. You cannot be detected by the enemy,
not even once. If the enemy sees you, the mission is over. You are only equipped
with silenced weapon : Sniper rifle, silenced 9mm, and taser. Use sneak almost
all the time, except when you know the enemies' location.

You see Phagan is walking to the door. Instead of following him to the same
path, climb the ledge on the left. Climb again on the next ledge so you're one
ledge below the pillar. You should see 2 green dots in your radar, because
there're two guards on the door. If you only see one green dot, position
yourself behind the pillar ledge near the path so you can see both guards. Move
back a little bit, and crouch. Wait for the guard to come down the path. Shoot
him with tazer when you see him. After one guard is down, his friend will come
to him. Shoot him before he detects you. Then take the HK-5 that they left. Go
into the door. There's a junction ahead. Hide behind the left wall to see an
enemy walking to the north. Follow him and use your taser on him. Proceed north
to a room with a formation of rocks in there. There's a guard guarding the door
to the north. Sneak behind and taser him. Enter the door that leads to the
statue room (Pharaoh room ??). Sneak to the wall to the left, and you will see a
guard is walking to the north in the Pharaoh room. Taser him from a distance.
Grab the HK-5 he left behind, and hide behind the statue that is not attached to
the wall. If you sneak near the north path, a guard will come to your way. Move
away by circling the statue. The guard is heading outside. I don't know if
there's something wrong about this guard, because everytime I taser him, the
mission failed. So instead of taser-ing him, equip your silenced 9mm, aim
( got a lot of time) to the head, and shoot him - or just let him go.