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The Syphon Filter Site



+++ GUNS +++

1. Silenced 9mm Handgun
Stats : Fire Rate 3
Damage 2
Clip Size 15
Max Rounds 90
The 9mm handgun is the standard issue side-arm for NATO and all five branches of
the U.S. Armed Forces since passing the 1979 MRBF (Mean Rounds Before
operational Failure) performance test where it expended 35,000 rounds, six times
the gun's service life.
NOTE : this is one of your first primary weapons. Not suitable when fighting
multiple enemies because it's not so powerful. The advantage of this weapon is
that this weapon is equipped with silencer, so you can use this weapon in the
stealth missions. The aim function of this gun is quite useful, although you
cannot zoom in or out.

2. .45 Handgun
Stats : Fire Rate 2
Damage 3
Clip Size 10
Max Rounds 60
This tough, durable gun has been in production for almost a century. It has
tremendous stopping power, and in spite of its strong recoil and heavy slide and
bolt, it is a deadly weapon in the hands of a seasoned professional.
NOTE : This weapon is quite good, despite its fire rate. You can kill with just
one body-shot if you do it right.

+++ SHOTGUNS +++

1. Shotgun
Stats : Fire Rate 2
Damage 4
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds 25
The 12-gauge modified choke shotgun is standard issue for the DEA, FBI and USSS.
In firing tests using tactical 00 shot with nine lead on an ISCP regulation
target at 25 yards, the payload was delivered into the "A" kill zone with
limited collateral damage.
NOTE : Shotgun is really strong. Shoot them and you can see the enemy taking a
heavy impact to the back. The problem is the reload time - it's very slow. You
have to reload everytime you shoot. Suitable for close range and quick killing.
Not suitable for multiple enemies with flak jackets.

2. Combat Shotgun
Stats : Fire Rate 2
Damage 4
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds 30
The overly heavy recoil of this 12-gauge shotgun is more than compensated for by
its unparalleled stopping power and its recoil-inertia operation which is
significantly faster than the gas-operated system found in most auto-loading
NOTE : This is a better version of shotgun. It's more powerful, and a little bit
faster, even though the stats look similar.


1. HK-5 Pistol-Machine Gun
Stats : Fire Rate 4
Damage 3
Clip Size 32
Max Rounds 192
The HK-5's modular design and small size make it very popular with both military
special forces and terrorists. With more than 23 officially recognized variants,
it is fast becoming the most widely used pistol-machine gun in the world.
NOTE : Quite useful for dealing with multiple enemies. Running around and
shooting is the best way to use this.

2. G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun
Stats : Fire Rate 5
Damage 2
Clip Size 33
Max Rounds 198
With a rate of fire topping 60 rounds per second, the G-18 is perhaps the most
deadly pistol-machine gun in the world. Its only weakness is its tendency to
expend ammunition faster than most shooters are prepared for, leaving them
defenseless during a reload.
NOTE : Quite good, but the ammo runs out quickly. So I don't use it a lot.

3. BIZ-2 Pistol-Machine Gun
Stats : Fire Rate 4
Damage 3
Clip Size 66
Max Rounds 396
This pistol-machine gun is designed to deliver sustained firepower in tight
quarters. The unconventional design of its large-capacity magazine keeps the
weapon compact but still provides a near bottomless source of ammunition.
NOTE : Wow... this is an excellent weapon, but you can only find it on later
stages (15+). The fire rate is fast, and the damage is really good.


1. M-16 Assault Rifle
Stats : Fire Rate 4
Damage 2
Clip Size 30
Max Rounds 180
This low-recoil weapon is lightweight and accurate. Developed by the U.S. Army
in 1965, this assault rifle has since become a mainstay for armed forces, police
and personal defense enthusiasts.
NOTE : you will find this weapon in earlier level. Don't like it and rarely use

2. K3G4 Assault Rifle
Stats : Fire Rate 4
Damage 2
Clip Size 20
Max Rounds 120
The deadly K3G4 is commonly armed with Teflon coated bullets capable of cutting
through most standard-issue flak jackets like a hot knife through butter.
NOTE : This is one of the best weapons in the game !! These bullets can go
through the flak jacket. So you can kill the enemies as if they're not wearing
any flak jacket. Furthermore, you can pick up the enemy's flak jacket when
they're dead.

3. PK-102 Assault Rifle
Stats : Fire Rate 4
Damage 2
Clip Size 30
Max Rounds 180
A variant of the popular Vokinhsilak system (one of the most widely used and
modified designs in the world), the PK-102 is a compact, lightweight full
assault rifle that is easy to conceal, making it a popular choice for
NOTE : you will get this weapon a lot in a few mission. In fact, all of the
enemy in mission 8 use this, so you won't be afraid of the bullets. I rarely use
this, but I find it very useful to face the chopper.


1. Sniper Rifle
Stats : Fire Rate 2
Damage 2
Clip Size 10
Max Rounds 30
This high-caliber, silenced rifle comes equipped with a classified digital scope
with basic optical character recognition, making it a highly accurate weapon
capable of identifying and classifying human targets and impact points prior to
NOTE : As head-shot becomes my style in playing this game, sniper rifle is one
of my most favourite weapons. The binoculars can zoom in to make an accurate
head-shot. Good for sneaking mission.

2. Nightvision Rifle
Stats : Fire Rate 2
Damage 2
Clip Size 10
Max Rounds 30
Often used by Russian Army snipers, this Russian rifle is capable of extreme
accuracy. It excels in engaging fleeting, moving, open and masked single
targets. This model comes standard equipped with an SVDN2 night sight and
NOTE : This weapon is similar to the sniper rifle, but it has night vision
bunocular on it. So you can see the enemies easily in the dark environment. Use
it to shoot the terrorists, but it's not suitable for shooting lamps and other
stuff, because you can hardly see the 'non-living' things in this binocular. I
can't say which gun is better (NVR or Sniper Rifle) because they have their own
advantages and I use them both.

+++ GRENADES +++

1. Grenade
Stats : Fire Rate 1
Damage 5
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds 10
Upon detonation, this incendiary weapon spreads ammonium perchlorate three
meters outwards from the blast point. It is instantly ignited by the explosion
and quickly burns out, fatally burning anyone nearby but leaving little
collateral damage.
NOTE : Even though this weapon is an instant killing weapon, grenades are not
good to use. Activating the grenade takes a long time, and it takes time for the
grenade to explode. The enemy uses this time to spread out, thus the grenade
can't hurt them.

2. Gas Grenade
Stats : Fire Rate 1
Damage 5
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds 10
Primarily used as a stealth weapon against multiple targets, this grenade
releases trace amounts of Soman nerve agent into the air. The gas quickly
dissipates, but not before rendering victims unconscious. If no antidote is
administered, death follows within 15 minutes.
NOTE : This is one of the most useful weapons (and one of my favourite, too).
With this grenade, you can kill enemies in group. As you know if you head-shot
someone in a group, his friend will notice you and try to kill you. Imagine that
happens on stealth mission. The good part is : this is a stealth weapon. The
lowdown is that you cannot use this on confront mission because it's so slow.

3. M-79 Grenade Launcher
Stats : Fire Rate 1
Damage 5
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds 10
This single-barreled, break-action grenade launcher was developed during the
Vietnam War. Commonly referred to as the "Blooper", it fires 40mm HE grenades
that contain enough explosives to produce more than 300 fragments with a lethal
radius of up to five meters.
NOTE : This is an excellent weapon. The grenade launcher is much faster than
grenade and explodes upon impact. Great range of explosion make this weapon is
one of the most useful weapon. But it is only suitable in long range and cannot
use this on close range or you will caught the explosion yourself.

+++ MISC. +++

1. Taser
Stats : Fire Rate 1
Damage 5
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds Infinite
Using CO2 cartridges, this weapon fires a probe that lodges one inch deep in the
victim's body. Then a charge of 500,000 volts is passed along a wire connecting
the weapon to the probe. This charge can be sustained indefinitely until a
victim catches fire.
NOTE : This is my favourite weapons in the earlier stage. It has unlimited ammo
and can be used in stealth mission. Don't underestimate this taser - this baby
can zap a person from a long distance. Basically, if you can see the man, you
can zap him ^_^. When other games uses knife as the standard equipment, taser
adds a nice touch on this game. Oh yeah, be careful when you use this. If the
enemy burns, you have to wait until the fire stops before you pick up his weapon
or you will die. That's why don't zap a person when he's close.

2. C4 Explosives
Stats : Fire Rate N/A
Damage 5
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds N/A
These incendiary blocks are made of a putty-like material which can be molded to
the user's liking. The C4 explosive putty is then wired to a fuse and a friction
igniter, allowing the user to detonate the explosive from a distant or protected
NOTE : This is a special type kind of weapon. You are not able to get it from
the enemy. You use this weapon on certain places. C4 is only for blowing things
on the mission, and you cannot use this on the enemy. Lame.


1. Flashlight
Stats : Fire Rate N/A
Damage N/A
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds N/A
Standard equipment for all agency operatives, this flashlight is shockproof and
charged by a 300 hours battery.
NOTE : You cannot use it to hit behind enemies' neck or anything ^_^. This is an
ordinary flashlight - you use it to see in the dark.

2. Keycard
Stats : Fire Rate N/A
Damage N/A
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds N/A
A standard magnetic-strip card key.
NOTE : Use this to open locked doors. Get it from a killed enemy.

3. Antigen
Stats : Fire Rate N/A
Damage N/A
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds N/A
This device is used to subcutaneously inject a fine stream of fluid under high
pressure without puncturing the skin, and is loaded with an experimental serum
capable of counteracting the effects of the syphon filter virus.
NOTE : Use this on the patients.

4. Viral Scanner
Stats : Fire Rate N/A
Damage N/A
Clip Size N/A
Max Rounds N/A
Developed in secret by the viral research branch of PHARCOM Inc.. This device is
capable of detecting trace particle of the syphon filter virus from up to 50
meters away. It can also scan through some solid objects and provide visual
feedback of their contents.
NOTE : This is a very useful device. Not only it will detect the syphon filter
virus, it can detect boxes, enemies, barrels, switches, etc - it can see thru
walls. This is very useful for a sniper to know where the targets are.